Satellite TV & Broadband

Monday, 28 March 2011

For all types of satellite installations in the South of France.


Receive UK Television and Radio in France.SKY Subscriptions. In most of Europe you can receive the SKY digital satellite services, which offers a choice of sky subscription packages. Sky are not able to supply subscriptions directly to users outside the UK but it is not illegal to receive the transmissions or to own a card to decode SKY programs even if you have no UK address.

We offer UK or Irish subscriptions.

Free-to-Air transmissions

You can also obtain BBC & ITV television and radio channels by way of a standard Digital Satellite Receiver, because the BBC & ITV transmissions. These channels are 'Free-to-Air' and are part of what is called Freeview in the UK.
The same system exists in France for TF1, France 2, 3, 4 & 5, M6 and several other channels. These are referred to collectively as TNT.

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    Broadband via satellite

    Broadband via satellite is the ideal solution for remote locations or premises outside the France Telecom service area.

    Our Satellite Broadband packages offer a super fast 3.6Mbps download speed. Because you’re not connected by wires to a landline exchange, your internet bandwidth (traffic capacity) isn’t shared with others so your Satellite Broadband connection speed won’t plummet at peak usage times.

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